Best Accent Furniture For Your Living Room

Best Accent Furniture For Your Living Room

Used to emphasize the beauty of a room, accent furniture is an essential furnishing element in the home décor. But if you’re not an interior decorator, how to choose the best piece for your living room?

If you don’t even know what accent furniture is, read on. If you’re just curious which pieces you could integrate into your interior design or if you’re in a hurry, click on the links below to check out our top picks.

Accent furniture is a general term that encloses a wide range of furniture pieces. But this term mostly used by interior decorators may be unknown to you. So, let’s see what accent furniture is and why it’s important to invest in it.

Learn how to choose the right pieces for your space, then check out our top picks that can work wonders in all interiors.

What Is Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is a piece of furniture used to create a focal point that emphasizes the whole interior décor. This furniture can be utilitarian but more often than not, interior decorators choose accent pieces exclusively for their design.

Accent furniture can vary from accent chairs and tables to cabinets and armoires. In small spaces, the choice often falls on small accent tables or chairs. Large spaces can benefit from larger pieces of accent furniture that include original bookcases or china cabinets.

Furthermore, accent furniture can be used in all environments of a home. Small accent tables can enhance the originality of an entrance. A side table or an accent chair can easily create a focal point in your living room. Your bedroom can benefit from an accent bench or bookcase.

Utilitarian spaces like the kitchen and bathroom can also benefit from accent furniture. All these elements are intended to add some drama and a bit of color to your interior, that’s why it’s important to choose wisely.

Why Is Accent Furniture Important

In interior design, accent furniture is important because it makes your home look attractive. That’s important for a host of reasons. A good-looking interior will not only wow your guests, but it actually has an impact on the home’s value.

Whether you’re trying to sell or rent your home, a flawless design and subtle focal points make the whole place more attractive. And this counts even if you plan to sell or rent the home without the furniture because you’ll give new occupiers an idea on the potential of the space.

If you don’t plan to either sell or rent, accent furniture can easily improve your mood by blending an interesting twist into the context.

How To Choose Accent Furniture

Bringing so many benefits, accent furniture is a must-have in all homes. Here’s how to choose the right pieces for your living room.


The first thing to decide is how you want to emphasize your space. For example, if you want to draw attention on a corner of the room, an accent chair or ottoman placed next to a contemporary floor lamp could be a great solution.

An accent coffee or side table can enhance the beauty of a simple sofa or armchairs.

In larger spaces or if you want to draw all eyes towards a feature wall, choose a bookcase or tiered shelves to blend into the context.

Accent cupboards, cabinets, and armoires look amazing in large living rooms or in open plan living areas.


While integrating a small piece of accent furniture in a large space is easy, a large piece might not complement a small space. In a small living room, accent chairs and tables are the easiest to use. But accent bookcases can also be used in small houses to divide the environments.

The best thing to do is to evaluate your space and decide what size of furniture could bring the most benefits.


Accent furniture comes in all colors and styles but there is a tendency to use intense, dramatic colors that can make a statement in a home. Regardless of your preference, make sure the color integrates well in the context. For example, a bright red accent chair could look awkward in a soft pink room. Yet, the same chair could look amazing in a room decorated in neutral shades.

Another advice is to consider the timelessness of the piece instead of the trends. Some colors, such as blue, green, and bright yellow, will always look trendy and can complement most rooms.


Accent furniture is not intended to be functional. Yet, if your living room is small, you should also consider the utilitarian side. For example, an attractive side table with a drawer or shelf can act as table and storage space for the remote controls.

A comfortable accent chair is a better choice than a beautiful but uncomfortable piece; a functional bookcase or a shelved accent cabinet bring more benefits than aesthetically pleasing pieces that don’t serve any other purpose than being beautiful.

Living Room Accent Furniture: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Winsome Wood Beech Wood Accent Table

Winsome Wood Beech Wood Accent Table is an attractive accent side table or nightstand made from composite beech weed. Available in four finishes and with a functional design, this side table can seamlessly integrate into a small or large living room.

Standing 25-inch tall, the product is ideal to place next to a sofa or armchair. Equipped with a drawer and a single-shelf cabinet, the table also offers plenty of storage space that keeps small essentials away from the eyes of the strangers.

Winsome Wood Beech Wood Accent Table

Depending on the design of your home, it’s also easy to choose a matching color. In our opinion, the espresso finish adds elegance to traditional and modern living rooms while the white finish looks amazing in a shabby chic design. The other choices include a natural wood and walnut finishes.

A detail we like is the round sating knobs on the cabinet door and drawer that are simply eye-catchy. And we also like how easy it is to put the furniture together. Assembled, the table measures 19x15x25 inches.

Things We Liked
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    Choice: this accent side table comes in four colors that are easy to mix and match with the home design. The neutral choices are suitable to use in all contexts.
  • check
    Size: measuring 19x15x25 inches, the table is compact enough to fit in small spaces. Thanks to the functional design, the table can be used as entryway accent table, living room side table, or nightstand.
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    Construction: Winsome boasts a solid construction made of composite wood. The attractive design includes slightly tapered legs and satin nickel knobs.
  • check
    Easy to assemble: supplied dismantled, the product is easy to put together. All necessary tools and hardware are included in the box.

2. Casual Home 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase

Casual Home 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase

If you’re looking for contemporary accent furniture to integrate into your home design, the Casual Home 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase could be a great option for you. This ladder bookcase stands 6 feet high and features plenty of storage space.

The tall display is ideal to separate spaces or to create a focal point. The product comes in three colors and boasts a solid wood construction that increase stability and durability. We also like the simple, linear design and the retracting length of the shelves.

Ideal to display books or collection, the bookcase has a total weight capacity of 125lbs, 25lbs on each shelf. As for the dimensions, the product stands 72 inches high, it has a width of 25 inches and a depth of 16 inches.

Environmentally friendly, the accent bookcase is made from sustainably sourced wood. The finishes available include white, warm brown and espresso.

Things We Liked
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    Design: this accent bookcase boasts an attractive ladder design with retracting length shelves. Ideal to create a focal point in your living room.
  • check
    Choice: the product is available in three contemporary yet neutral shades that can seamlessly integrate into any décor.
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    Solid wood: sturdy and durable, the product is made of sustainably sourced solid wood. This increases the product’s longevity.
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    Freestanding: this accent bookcase is easy to place anywhere in the house and can hold up to 125lbs. Each shelf has a capacity of 25lbs.

3. Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet

Another great way to emphasize the beauty of your room is with a stylish accent cabinet. An inspiring solution is the Shelved Floor Cabinet by Elegant Home Fashions. Available in three size and multiple styles, this cabinet is ideal to integrate in a living room.

The style we like best is the two-door cabinet that comes with a fixed and an adjustable shelf. The paneled cupboard doors with crisscross pattern enhance the otherwise simple design, while the pure white finish matches all interiors.

Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet

This cabinet style measures 13x26x34.25 inches but smaller versions are also available. Functional and beautiful, the product is made of sturdy engineered-wood and streamlined to complement any space.

Like most pieces of accent furniture, this accent cabinet is supplied dismantled but is easy to put together. Assembly requires less than half an hour and all necessary hardware is supplied in the box.

Things We Liked
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    Style: this attractive floor cabinet can easily complement any home décor thanks to the contemporary yet traditional style.
  • check
    Designs: the cabinet is available in three designs. Besides the two-door cabinet, the manufacturer proposes an one-door version as well as a storage side table.
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    Construction: the product is made of engineered-wood and boasts a pure white finish that complements all interiors.
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    Details: the paneled cupboard doors with cutout windows and crisscross pattern enhance the beauty of this accent piece.

4. Tribesigns 5-Shelf Ladder Corner Bookshelf

Tribesigns 5-Shelf Ladder Corner Bookshelf

Tribesigns 5-Shelf Ladder Corner Bookshelf is another accent bookcase to consider. Ideal for modern living rooms, this ladder bookcase enhances the aesthetic feeling of the room and adds attractive storage space.

Large enough to hold books and collections, the product is made of high-quality wood and steel. All materials are environmentally friendly while the scratch proof and waterproof finish ensures product’s durability.

The bookcase features 5 open shelves and stands 63 inches tall. Supplied dismantled, the product is easy to assemble in less than 90 minutes. Installation instructions are included but they are poorly written and almost useless.

Another thing we like is that the bookcase comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Things We Liked
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    Size: designed to enhance the beauty of the room and to create an attractive display for books and collections, this accent furniture stands 63 inches tall and occupies a floor space of 41x12 inches.
  • check
    Satisfaction guarantee: the product comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty that covers 18 months.
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    Materials: the bookcase is made of high-quality material that include eco-friendly wood and steel. All materials involved are non-toxic.
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    Finish: the product comes in black and white finishes. The paints used are water repellent and scratch proof for an increased durability.

5. Best Choice Products Modern Contemporary Accent Chair

If you’re looking for a fashionable accent chair, this upholstered accent chair by Best Choice Product is an eye-catching furniture piece that integrates seamlessly in contemporary and modern contexts and is available in two colors.

In a modern design the French print accent chair with printed details on an off-white base enhances the beauty of the room. In traditional décors, the blue chair with floral print complements all rooms. Regardless of your choice, the upholstery is easy to maintain.

Best Choice Products Modern Contemporary Accent Chair

The chair also comes with an ottoman that enhances the eye-catching effect of the chair and also allows you to kick your feet up and relax.

As far as the materials and design are concerned, the product features solid birch wood legs and an ergonomic design with a curved backrest that promote comfort while maintaining a good posture. With a weight capacity of 396lbs, the chair measures 29.5x25x29.5 inches.

Things We Liked
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    Style: this upholstered accent chair is fashionable and trendy. At the same time, the linear design integrates in all contexts.
  • check
    Colors: the product is available in two colors, a French printed pattern on an off-white fabric or a blue chair with floral print.
  • check
    Ottoman: a nice addition is the stylish ottoman that pairs wonderfully with the chair. This set looks amazing in most homes.
  • check
    Easy to clean: the product is easy to maintain thanks to the soft linen upholstery. The removable cushion makes it even easier to clean the upholstery when needed.

Conclusion & Final Pick

While it’s impossible for us to choose the best accent furniture for you, our favorite piece is the Shelf Ladder Bookcase by Casual Home. This splendid contemporary bookcase has a lovely design that integrates in all contexts.

The ladder style looks amazing in a living room but also in a kitchen or entryway. The solid wood construction add durability while the choice of colors allow you to mix and match the structure with the existing furniture pieces of your home.

Another thing we like is the weight capacity of 25lbs for each shelf. This simple furniture piece is ideal to create an eye-catching focal point in your home and it pairs perfectly with the accent table and accent chair mentioned in this list. Undoubtedly, a great accent furniture to consider for your living room.