Best Breakfast Nook Set For Your Open Plan Kitchen

Best Breakfast Nook Set For Your Open Plan Kitchen

A breakfast nook set, either a traditional one or a modern interpretation, can maximize seating in your kitchen area. But what to do if you have an open plan kitchen?

Breakfast nooks are cozy corners designed to fit in the most awkward spots of your space. In an open plan kitchen, most homeowners feel that a nook doesn’t fit. But you could be wrong. Here are a few reasons to consider placing a nook set in your space and how to choose one.

Yet, if you’re in a hurry or don’t feel like reading, check out the best breakfast nook sets on the market clicking the links in the table below.

Why Invest In A Breakfast Nook Set

In terms of home decoration and functionality, there is an endless battle between breakfast nooks and dining areas. In terms of practicality, a dining area is more suitable for a large space, whereas a breakfast nook can help you maximize space and seating in a small home.

Small homes also benefit from the open plan kitchen design. By creating an ampler space, your tiny home will look bigger.

In such a space, a breakfast nook set will help you take advantage of an awkward spot that would otherwise remain unused.

Maximized Counter Space

In a limited kitchen area, every inch of extra-space matters. Most open plan kitchen designs see a portion of the counter transformed into a table, which looks nice but minimizes cooking space. In this context, a breakfast nook set adds just the extra-space needed to sit and enjoy your meal.

Breakfast nooks come in all shapes and sizes. You can place them in a corner of the room, under a window, next to an awkward wall, or anywhere where normal furniture won’t go.

And you’ll get to keep all your counter to cook delicious breakfasts and dinners.

Cozy Atmosphere

The main difference between a dining area and a breakfast nook is coziness. A dining area is usually formal but a breakfast nook adds friendliness to your living area. You can use the nook to enjoy your morning coffee or to catch on work.

You can use the nook to have dinner with family or friends, to sip a glass of wine after a crazy day at work or just to watch a movie on Netflix if your space is really restricted.

Increased Home Value

The kitchen is the core of a home, even in those homes where the kitchen merges with the living area. Family gatherings, homework, cooking, chatting, and reflecting on life usually happens in or around the kitchen.

For this reason, most people are looking for a nice, cozy kitchen that offers sufficient seating to accommodate homeowners and guests.

A breakfast nook adds that “je-ne-sais-quoi” to your area that seamlessly boosts the value of your home. And that’s a great thing if you’re planning to resell your home anytime soon.

How To Choose A Breakfast Nook Set

Cozy but also stylish and functional. This is the perfect definition of a breakfast nook set. Traditionally, a nook consists of a bench, a small table, and maybe two or three chairs or stools. Yet, modern nooks come in all shapes and sizes.

The first advice when looking for a nook is to think outside of the box. A cute and cozy table with chairs can easily double as a nook and may be a better alternative in very small homes.

A traditional nook, on the other hand, may be more appropriate to place in a larger space, to increase seating.

Apart from this, here are a few things to consider when choosing your breakfast nook set.

Seating Capacity

Breakfast nooks are famous for maximizing seating in a restricted space. However, the market is full of solutions, ranging from two-seat tables to traditional sets that accommodate up to 8 people.

When choosing the nook, you should obviously consider the size of the piece but also the real seating needs you have. If you live in a small studio apartment, a two-seat nook occupies a little space and provides a perfect dining area for the occupants.

Modular nooks with extractable chairs could be an excellent choice, giving you the possibility to maximize the living area when the nook is not in use.

If your space is rather generous, a traditional nook can embellish the kitchen area of your open plan space and is ideal to create a transition between the environments.


Traditional breakfast nooks are made of hardwood, an ideal material if you’re looking for long-lasting durability. However, hardwood is not exactly budget-friendly.

Modern furniture made of MDF or laminate is a great alternative. Materials such as stainless steel and glass complement a contemporary interior. Marble tops on the table add durability and elegance to your nook.

When choosing the material, consider both the budget and the durability. Spending less for a nook you’ll have to change every year could be a poor idea in the long run.


Breakfast nooks come in all shapes and sizes. But even if the design is a personal matter, you should consider the rest of the house when choosing the breakfast nook set.

A traditional nook looks amazing in a traditional or rustic environment, but also in a coastal home. Modern lines require modern decorations throughout. Contemporary nooks made of metal and glass look great in a modern or contemporary home.

When choosing the design, also check the functionality. The whole purpose of having a breakfast nook is to have a cozy and inviting space where to get ready for the day or relax after long hours at work.

Best Breakfast Nook Set For Your Home

1. Simple Living 5-piece Baxter Dining Set

In a modern home or tiny apartment, the Baxter 5-piece dining set by Simple Living can easily double as a stylish breakfast nook set for a contemporary open plan kitchen. The nook set consists of a square table with four matching ottomans.

Each ottoman features a convenient storage capacity, a nice perk if you struggle to find a place for your belongings.

Simple Living 5-piece Baxter Dining Set

The set is made of wood and features a sleek, contemporary design with stylish vinyl accents on the ottomans. The color also matches almost all interiors thanks to the laminated finish.

Regarding the dimensions, the table measures 29.7x31x31 inches and each ottoman is 18.75x15x15 inches. The set is compact and easy to fit in most dining areas or in those awkward corners that make the transition between the kitchen and the living.

Things We Liked
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    Material: the nook set is made of laminated wood and the ottomans feature a contemporary vinyl upholstery.
  • check
    Storage capacity: each ottoman has a convenient storage capacity, a feature which makes the set ideal for a small home.
  • check
    Color: the taupe color matches most interiors and blends well in modern and contemporary spaces. This set may also complement an outdoor area.
  • check
    Design: the table has a beautiful design with a central leg which accommodates the ottomans when not in use.

2. Winsome Wood Beachwood Breakfast Bar

Winsome Wood Beachwood Breakfast Bar

Another space saver breakfast nook set ideal for a small home is this functional Breakfast Bar by Winsome Wood. The set features a foldable table and two round stools. Made of solid beech wood, the table cart accommodate the stools and the foldable leaf helps you maximize the space.

The stools and table have a simple yet elegant design. The natural wood color enhances versatility and the set matches all interiors. It complements with success a rustic or traditional space, a Nordic style interior or a modern environment.

Regarding storage capacity, the table features two utensil drawers and a handy towel bar. Casters enable the table to roll like a cart for easy transport.

Built with efficiency in mind, the table measures 31.5x29x33 inches and it weighs approximately 58 pounds. The set is also available in a different finish.

Things We Liked
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    Choice: this set comes in natural and teak color and in the round and square versions. Some assembly may be required on arrival.
  • check
    Attractive design: this breakfast nook set doubles as a kitchen bar and cart. It has wheels and it is easy to transport from one place to another.
  • check
    Material: made of solid beech wood, this set is made to last and it looks amazing in most interiors.
  • check
    Storage: the table features two comfortable drawers where to hold utensils and linens and a handy towel bar.

3. Carriage House Breakfast Nook

If coziness and tradition is what you’re after, the Carriage House Breakfast Nook may be the right one for you. Ideal for a rustic home and blending wonderfully in a coastal home, this breakfast nook set impresses with the choice of materials and colors.

The set consists of a beautiful sectional bench with backrest, a rectangular table, and a traditional bench without backrest. A thing we like is the European cottage finish with mahogany bases boasting a weathered crème front and frames plus planked tops in the charcoal grey finish.

Carriage House Breakfast Nook

Hidden storage located under the long and short benches increase the versatility of this set under lift top seats.

This attractive dining set comes with reversible benches and it can be used on either side of the corner. The long bench measures 56x20x36 inches, the short bench is 37x20x36 inches and the table is 60x38x30 inches.

Things We Liked
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    Finish: this attractive breakfast nook set has a lovely finish with a light-colored base and dark tops. The dusty wax finish adds personality to the elements.
  • check
    Material: the set is made of sustainable wood veneers and solid New Zealand pine and birch wood.
  • check
    Size: offering ample seating and decent storage areas, this set is ideal for a large open plan kitchen or for a traditional rustic kitchen.
  • check
    Design: straight lines, planked wood and a fabulous association of colors make this set ideal for most environments.

4. Harper & Bright Designs 4-Piece Dining Set

Harper & Bright Designs 4-Piece Dining Set

Harper & Bright Designs proposes a stylish 4-piece dining set ideal to use as a breakfast nook in a modern home. This set has the perfect casual design that complements almost all interior styles, from rustic cottages to contemporary environments.

The set consists of a solid wood table, two high stools, and a bench. The white base matches wonderfully with the walnut tops, bringing together industrial accents blended with neat rustic influences.

Creating a trendy, contemporary vibe in most homes, this breakfast nook set impresses with curved seats which provide a comfortable dining experience despite the lack of a backrest. The high counter design makes it possible to use the  nook as a bar too, in an open plan space.

A compact yet comfortable dimension makes this set perfect to place in a restricted kitchen area. Each stool measures 17.5x9x24 inches, the bench measures 33x9x24 inches and the table measures 42.1x23.1x36 inches.

Things We Liked
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    Saddle dining: providing a unique dining experience, this breakfast nook set boasts a sleek design which combines industrial and rustic elements into a modern harmony.
  • check
    Comfortable: the saddle stools and bench have curved seats which conform to the body type.
  • check
    Counter height table: ideal for parties and appetizer buffets, the table in this set can double as a kitchen counter and can be used on its own.
  • check
    Colors: white and walnut are two colors that match with most interiors, bringing fresh air and a contemporary feel.

5. Essential Home Emily Breakfast Nook

Emily is a traditional breakfast nook set consisting of a corner sectional bench with under-seat storage area, a simple bench and a dining table. All pieces are made of solid wood and boast a rustic yet elegant design. The nook set looks amazing in most interiors.

The size is ideal for open plan kitchens; in detail, the corner bench measures 67.24x33.87x51.5 inches, the table has a size of 43.31x29.75x27.9 inches and the bench measures 43.31x17.18x12 inches.

Essential Home Emily Breakfast Nook

Storage capacity located under the seats and a 6-people seating capacity make this set a great addition to most homes.

The only part that slightly disappoints is the absence of upholstery or cushions on the corner bench. Most breakfast nooks lack this detail, which is by no means a drawback. But in the case of this particular set, cushions would have provided a more refined look.

Things We Liked
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    Size: seating six people and with a generous storage capacity, this breakfast nook finds its place in an open plan or traditional kitchen.
  • check
    Material: the set is made of solid wood and boasts a sleek design throughout. Curved lines and engraved details enhance the beauty of this set.
  • check
    Color: natural wood color blends in most interiors and looks great in almost all interior styles.
  • check
    Price: the nook isn’t the cheapest on the market but offers an excellent value for the money considering it is made of solid pine wood.

Conclusion & Final Pick

In choosing the best breakfast nook set for open plan kitchens we considered the suitability for the purpose, the size of the set, seating, storage capacity, and design.

Our top picks were the Baxter Dining Set by Simple Living and the Carriage House Breakfast Nook.

The breakfast nook proposed by the Carriage House is a traditional nook set which seamlessly complements all interiors, but the pieces occupy quite a lot of space on the floor; the set gives its best in a generous area where it can express all its beauty.

Baxter Dining Set, on the other hand, is a compact traditional table and ottomans ideal for a restricted open plan area. Its tiny size makes it ideal for all environments, whether you live in a small studio or large suburb home. The Baxter, therefore, wins here.

Baxter is also the winner when it comes to size and design functionality. And although we like the Carriage House set better, the functionality comes first. In terms of price and value for money, Baxter is a clear winner again.

As such, we really recommend the Baxter Dining Set for your cozy and inviting open plan breakfast nook.