Best Kitchen Island Lighting For Your Home

Best Kitchen Island Lighting For Your Home

Attractive home décors often feature a kitchen island. But this versatile element needs plenty of light. That’s why identifying the right kitchen island lighting solutions is a concern of many homeowners. Choices vary from popular led spotlights to contemporary hanging lamps. But how to choose the right solution for you?

We’ve put up this guide to help homeowners understand the importance of kitchen island lighting. Besides tips and advice, we’ve also rated the best lighting solutions on the market. If you’re in a hurry, click on the links in the table below to check them out.

Creating an enhancing home décor is often possible through focal points and design accents. Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when deciding the design of your interiors. And with the kitchen being the soul of a home, it’s easy to understand why choosing the right kitchen lighting is essential.

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space for a kitchen island, deciding its lighting is even more crucial. The island constitutes both a focal point and a functional unit. Having plenty of light while preparing your meals is important, but installing an accent lamp above the worktop is also important.

Here’s how to integrate the best lighting in your kitchen island décor.

How To Integrate Lighting Into Your Kitchen Island Décor

Because of its position in the middle of the kitchen, the island benefits of less light compared to the countertops placed alongside a wall under the windows. That’s why this functional space needs major attention when it comes to choosing the lighting solutions.

The foremost important thing to consider is the brightness of the light. You’ll have to see what’s happening on the worktop, so make sure you choose either powerful-enough spotlights or pendant lamps that focus the light beam over the worktop.

To achieve a contemporary design, pendant lamps are your best bet. This versatile solution is easy to integrate into any décor and there are endless solutions to consider. From a traditional style to fashionable modern lamps, the market is packed and loaded with trivial or original proposals.

Another thing to consider is the size of the space. If you have a kitchen island, you probably also have a large kitchen. But if the space is restricted, opting for powerful LED spotlights could be a better solution.

Hanging lamps can visually reduce a small space, resulting in a negative effect on your environment.

The color is also important. Make sure the color of the lamps integrates well in the décor and blends with the other elements. For the materials, steel is a great solution in most cases, but a rustic design could benefit more from a wooden ceiling lamp.

How To Choose Kitchen Island Lighting


The first thing to consider when choosing kitchen island lighting is the style. The style of the lamps should seamlessly integrate into the décor while creating an eye-catching focal point.

In contemporary homes, simple pendant lamps made of steel or brass look amazing, but this isn’t the only solution to consider. The industrial style is also easy to mix and match with a variety of styles and designs.

Traditional homes can benefit from old-style chandeliers installed over a marble kitchen island. Alternatively, choose retro lamps to enhance the endless beauty of your space. Choose a crystal lamp for an opulent décor and a wooden lighting solution for a rustic cottage.


Another thing to consider is the size of the lamp. While hanging lamps should stand at a few inches above the worktop, a too low lamp could not deliver the desired effect. The same thing can happen is the lamp is installed too high.

To make the right choice, measure the distance from the ceiling to the worktop and see how long the lamp has to be.

Lighting Needs

Lastly, you should also consider your lighting needs. If you have plenty of windows that surround the whole perimeter, choose a bright light that can complement for the lack of natural light in the evening. If you have little windows, choose a few powerful LED lights that mimic natural light to use throughout the day.

Also, consider whether it’s necessary to install other lights in the kitchen or not. Pendant lamps usually focus the beam in only one direction and it can be difficult to get sufficient light to other parts of the kitchen unless you install an alternative solution.

Best Kitchen Island Lighting For Your Home

1. Unitary Brand Antique Kitchen Island Light

Unitary Brand Antique Kitchen Island Light is one of the most enhancing accent lamps on the market. This pending lamp integrates seamlessly in all interior designs thanks to its antique yet contemporary feeling. The metal construction and black color make it ideal to use in a traditional, rustic, vintage, modern, or industrial home.

The product features five light bulbs arranged on a bar. The distance from the ceiling is adjustable, which makes this solution perfect for interiors of all heights. Another thing we like is the choice of light bulbs. The unit is compatible with Edison and incandescent bulbs but also with dimmable LED bulbs.

Unitary Brand Antique Kitchen Island Light

The dimmable feature is another great characteristic. You can adjust the intensity of the light based on your needs at any moment. With a standard North American voltage, the product is ready to install and use.

Another thing we like is the guarantee. The manufacturer stands for the quality of this lamp and offers a 2-year guarantee as part of the purchase.

Things We Liked
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    Style: boasting an antique yet simple style, this hanging lamp matches all interior designs. The retro, post-industrial elements are enhanced by the choice of color.
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    Sockets: this lamp comes with five sockets that accommodate Edison and incandescent bulbs but also dimmable LED bulbs.
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    Guarantee: a two-year guarantee is proof of the quality of the product. The lamp is easy to install in the kitchen or dining room.
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    Voltage: the product has a standard North American 120V voltage and accepts bulbs with a power up to 200W.

2. CLAXY Ecopower Glass & Crystal Pendant Lighting

CLAXY Ecopower Glass & Crystal Pendant Lighting

If you like stylish, contemporary lines, CLAXY might be for you. This crystal and glass pendant chandelier has an eye-catching design that looks amazing in all modern kitchens. The choice of colors and materials is also contemporary.

The pendant lamp boasts chromed details, while the crystal and glass details enhance the opulence of the piece. Accepting three light bulbs, the lamp is ideal to install over the kitchen island but also over the dining table for a stylish effect.

A slight drawback of the product is that it accepts light bulbs up to 40W. If you’re opting for LED, this is sufficient. But incandescent light bulbs could provide insufficient light at a so low wattage. Except for this minor flaw, there is nothing else to say against this splendid solution.

The hardwired product is fairly easy to install, albeit somehow dangerous. Unless you’re completely sure of what you’re doing, we recommend calling a professional to mount this beauty on your ceiling.

Things We Liked
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    Design: this stylish pending chandelier has three hanging arms that feature elegant chrome details and luxurious glass and crystal elements.
  • check
    Lights: the chandelier supports three lights up to 40W each. The product is ideal to use with bright LED lights.
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    Voltage: the product functions at a standard 110V. This lamp is suitable for indoor use only.
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    Adjustable length: each of the three lights is fixed on a metal wire and each wire can be adjusted independently. This allows you to create beautiful effects.

3. Westinghouse Iron Hill Indoor Pulley Pendant

The Iron Hill Indoor Pulley Pendant by Westinghouse is another stylish solution to consider. Boasting an industrial style, this kitchen island lighting solution is easy to integrate into most home decors, it has an adjustable length and comes with a limited warranty.

Talking about the length, the unit measures about 32 inches in height and has a maximum hanging length of 58 inches. In other words, you can adjust the lamp to meet the needs of your space and provide sufficient light over your kitchen island.

Westinghouse Iron Hill Indoor Pulley Pendant

Boasting three bulb sockets, the product supports LED or incandescent bulbs up to 60W. The bulbs are not included in the purchase, which means you can choose the solution you like best.

Another thing we like is the limited five-year warranty against material defects and workmanship. The product is easy to install but comes with all hazards associated with hardwire lighting solutions.

Things We Liked
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    Unique appeal: this industrial style lamp has a unique appeal and integrates into most interior designs.
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    Adjustable length: the pulley installation allows you to adjust the length of the lights to the desired height.
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    Warranty: the product comes with a 5-year limited warranty against workmanship and material defects. This high-quality unit will last in time.
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    Easy to install: the manufacturer supplies the lamp with mounting hardware and instructions. However, be aware of all the hazards before getting on the job.

4. LALUZ Wood Kitchen Island Lighting

LALUZ Wood Kitchen Island Lighting

A hardwire lamp ideal for a rustic environment. LALUZ Wood Kitchen Island Lighting presents itself as an amazing chandelier designed to impress with a unique style that combines the rustic beauty of wood with the modern accents of powder-coated steel.

The solid construction complements with success all environments. The wood frame and wire mesh details look amazing in a countryside cottage or farmhouse, but can also blend into a modern décor as long as the kitchen features other wooden and metal items.

The adjustable length of the pendant adds versatility to the whole. You can install this beauty on a vaulted ceiling or in a traditional kitchen, depending on your needs.

As for the light, there is plenty. The product supports five bulbs up to 60 watts each. If you choose LED bulbs, you’ll benefit from sufficient lighting over the working or dining area.

Things We Liked
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    Rustic design: this wood and steel pendant chandelier looks amazing in rustic and modern contexts alike. Steel details make it easy to integrate it into all kitchens.
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    Adjustable length: the product comes with adjustable length wires that allow the installation on vaulted or high ceilings.
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    Materials: the lamp is made of crafted steel and solid wood. It is resistant and durable, while the powder coat increases resistance to humidity.
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    Bulb requirement: the product supports five light bulbs up to 60W each. By choosing LED bulbs, you can increase brightness.

5. Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant

Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant is another kitchen island lighting solution that inspired us. This vintage pendant boasts a lovely oil rubbed bronze finish and integrates well in most homes. The adjustable pendant is easy to customize based on your needs and each metal rod can be manipulated independently.

Fixtures aside, the product features dimmable lights and is compatible with any dimmer switch. Creating an atmosphere with this pendant is simple and the product is also easy to install.

Globe Electric 3-Light Vintage Pendant

All installation hardware and instructions are provided in the box but this doesn’t mean installation is simple. The hardwire product comes with hazards and it is recommended to pay for professional installation instead of taking any risks.

The product supports three bulbs that can be either Edison, incandescent, or LED. The vintage-inspired design can easily add an industrial flair to your home.

Things We Liked
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    Dimmable: creating an atmosphere into your kitchen has never been this easy. The pendant is compatible with all dimmer switches.
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    Fashionable: this vintage-inspired ceiling lamp has a retro-industrial look and integrates well with most interior designs.
  • check
    Adjustable: the product features three metal hanging rods that can be customized and manipulated independently.
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    Bulbs: this pendant supports three bulbs up to 60 watts each. We love that it’s compatible with energy-saving LED bulbs.

Conclusion & Final Pick

We can’t say which is the best kitchen island lighting solution for you. But our favorite is the Unitary Brand Antique Kitchen Island Light.

This enhancing accent lamp integrates into almost all interior designs bringing an antique yet contemporary feeling. The metal construction is sturdy and durable, while the product comes with a 2-year guarantee and five bulb sockets.

Dimmable and compatible with a range of bulbs, the product is more versatile than expected. Add in a sensational design and high-quality materials and you have all it takes for an excellent kitchen island lighting. In our opinion, you should give it a try.