17 Bohemian Home Decor Tips & Tricks

17 Bohemian Home Decor Tips & Tricks

A style for the nonconformists. A design half-way between gypsy and eclectic. This is the bohemian home décor.

Bohemian interiors have always characterized the free, artistic souls and minds. It comprises elements belonging to various styles, mixed and matched, blended and paired to create unique expressions of personality.

Yet, the bohemian style requires a careful selection of elements – or it can easily become ridiculous. Here are 17 bohemian home décor tips and tricks to follow to add personality to your environments.

1. Artistic Living Room

bohemian living room

Bohemian style is versatile and quite easy to integrate into a room. It can easily add personality to a traditional living room, and a few bohemian elements are enough to achieve your purpose.

For instance, use the bookshelves as a showcase of your decorative objects. Large vases, artworks, vintage decorations and a few books placed in an apparently random way on the shelves create a focal point and enhance the beauty of all traditional elements.

Alternatively, decorate the sofa with bohemian pillows and keep the rest of the room sober.

2. Bohemian Retreat

bohemian patio

Do you have a small spare room or a covered veranda? Transform it into your own oasis of peace. A bohemian hammock, cozy pillows, and a few chairs for those moments when you have guests are all the elements this room needs.

Don’t be afraid to replace the chairs with extra-large cushions. A boho carpet can complete this décor with success.

3. DIY Bohemian Garden Décor

bohemian patio

While home décor usually refers to the interior of a home, I feel this term should comprise the outdoor space too. After all, your backyard or garden is still your home.

And the bohemian style goes hand in hand with the exterior space. A lovely idea is to make garden furniture from repurposed pallets. Make the armchairs cozy with large, colorful pillows. Flower pots and colorful ceramics add personality to your “gypsy-like” corner.

4. A Mix Of Styles

bohemian decor

The beauty of the bohemian style lays in its versatility and ability to combine contrasting elements. Such as a traditional cupboard and a modern modular shelf.

Showcase all your decorative objects randomly on the shelves and in the cupboard. You don’t even have to coordinate the colors of the furniture. In the end, it’s this diversity that defines the bohemian home décor.

5. Scarves

bohemian decor

Curtains find their place in most homes and have the purpose to add privacy to a space. But the bohemian style gives you the possibility to replace curtains with scarves. Just choose as many scarves as you like, in matching or contrasting colors.

Hang them above your windows or on the walls, above the door or even above the bed. Natural materials, such as muslin cotton, are the best.

The same effect can be achieved by repurposing newborn swaddle blankets made of cotton, as long as they are in a plain color or decorated with neutral patterns and motifs.

6. Tropical Vibes

bohemian decor

Who doesn’t love the tropical style? Wooden or rattan furniture, cozy cushions, refreshing colors, and a lovely selection of decorative elements?

If you like this style but want to give it a boho touch, opt for some tropical elements and mix them with kitsch elements.

For instance, a palm tree made of Christmas lights and a mermaid-unicorn hanged on the wall are inspired by the tropical style, although they don’t actually find their place in the décor.

The same goes for the light blue on the chairs, which is inspired more by the coastal than the tropical style. Yet, mixed together, these elements define the tropical vibes of an original bohemian home décor.

7. Stylish Boho Bedroom

bohemian decor

In the bedroom, the bohemian style adds a “je-ne-se-quoi” feeling. It is stylish, attractive, and nonconformist at the same time. It makes you feel like a misunderstood artist with a genius mind. Choose strong colors and dare to combine solid hues with patterns and motifs.

Bright red is definitely an unusual choice for the bedroom walls. Match it with turquoise curtains and brightly colored bedding.

Don’t be afraid to throw some precious elements in the context, such as side lamps made of gems and metal.

8. Oriental Feeling

bohemian decor

A family room is a place of social sharing, a room where you can sit and relax with your partner or friends. And the bohemian style – inviting to relaxation – is ideal for this room.

To create a unitary décor opt for an oriental design. A large sectional covered with cozy pillows, floral motifs, and a few hanging lamps define the character of this space. Add the final touches with two matching ottomans and a wooden accent table.

9. Modern Yet Bohemian

bohemian decor

As odd as it may seem, modern and bohemian home décor work wonders together.

For a successful result, use modern furniture and mix it with bohemian decorations. Ceiling lamps, a colorful carpet, cozy pillows and attractive decorations enhance the modern minimalism and add personality to your home.

10. Colorful Lamps

bohemian decor

Sometimes a single decorative element can throw bohemian vibes in a home décor. The element I like best is the ceiling lamp.

Opt for a colorful piece that blends or contrasts your environment.

11. Stylish Living Area

bohemian decor

The bohemian style knows how to maintain its sobriety if needed. This is the case of the living area above. A few motif pillows and a chandelier remind of the bohemian style. All the other elements of the room are either rustic or traditional.

Large windows and a lush garden complement the décor and define the style of your home.

12. Colors

bohemian decor

Traditional yet bohemian. A living room made different with the help of colors. Even if both the armchairs and the sofa are made of the same material, the contrast adds personality.

A leather stool, tufted patterns, and a bookshelf with books arranged in an apparent mess give the final touches to this attractive room.

13. Reading Corner

bohemian decor

A cozy armchair, preferably brightly colored. A multicolor pillow on the armchair. Traditional furniture. This is all it takes to create a bohemian reading corner. Enjoy!

14. Accent Bench

bohemian decor

Old furniture, maybe a wooden bench inherited from your grandparents, can be repurposed or revived and transformed into bohemian pieces of art.

For instance, the bench in the image above, decorated with pillows and cushions, is ideal for your bohemian patio.

If the bench is new, create a distressed look by painting it in two contrasting colors. Sand the topcoat to reveal some of the underlying paint, and decorate with oriental-inspired accent pillows.

15. Under-Stair Reading Corner

bohemian decor

 A lovely idea is to use the space under the staircase to make a bohemian reading corner. A built-in bookcase holding vintage books, an eclectic floor lamp, and a modern seating set blend together in a perfect harmony.

You can define the style with a colorful bohemian carpet or with mandala-inspired scarves and pillows.

16. Bohemian She Shed

bohemian decor

She sheds represent the feminine version of the men’s caves and the bohemian style gives the final touch of nonconformity to such a space.

Make your own retreat stand out with a colorful accent chair or sofa, ceramic decorations, wicker baskets, and a motif rug.

17. Bohemian Attic

bohemian decor

If you live in an industrial redevelopment or have an attic with large windows, use this space to create a bohemian tea corner or breakfast nook.

A few industrial metal chairs, a wooden table, and a houseplant give to this environment a unique vibe. But if this is not enough, add some potted plants on the table too.

Bottom Line

The bohemian home décor takes guts and creative spirit. It looks amazing in almost all contexts and can complement either a traditional or a modern home. I hope the tips above inspired you, and I’d love to know your boho interior decoration tips.

Share your thoughts and feel free to add any other tips to this list. I look forward to reading your comments.