30 Family Room Ideas For Your Home

30 Family Room Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Wondering how to decorate your family room? Here are 30 family room decorating ideas for your home.  

The family room is one of the most important environments in a home. A place where the family gathers at the end of the day to share stories and thoughts. Unlike a living room, this environment has to be a place of relaxation but it also has to promote communication and relationships.

Plenty of seating, a few decorative elements and lots of coziness is all it takes to create a fabulous environment. Take a look at the ideas below to get inspired.

1. Neutral Colors And Interior Plants

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A family room has to be a place where all the members of the family feel at ease. Neutral colors are probably your best bet. They can please everyone while matching with almost all decorative elements.

In a modern room, choose leather seating, a wood and glass accent table and some evergreen interior plants.

Match the furniture with a decorative stone feature wall and blend in a rug and some decorative pillows in earthy tones to add the final touches.

2. Royal Blue And Green

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A splendid idea for an opulent yet cozy family room is to decorate the whole room in two strong colors, royal blue and green. These shades work wonders together and enhance the elegance of the environment.

A white feature wall, a neutral rug and golden elements complete the décor adding brightness to the space.

3. Purple And White

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Two other colors that look amazing are purple and white. Choose a shade of purple derived from a red, such as magenta, and pair it with off-white or ivory. Traditional furniture and a traditional rug complement the interior.

4. Rustic Design

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Brown leather sofas, an earthy rug and hardwood furniture look amazing in a rustic design. A stone fireplace enhances the design of the family room while a diagonal wall adds personality to the environment.

In this décor, opt for hardwood flooring and a neutral color on the walls. A rustic family room also benefits from large windows, even if your home is located in a crowded suburb.

5. Modern Family Room

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If you live in an apartment, you might have to merge the function of the living room with that of a family room. In this case, keep things minimal with an extra-large sectional and an accent coffee table.

Opt for a lively color scheme. Bright blue and brilliant white are perfect choices in a modern or coastal environment. Large pillows add comfort when lounging on the sofa while a long pile rug adds comfort and pairs wonderfully with the neutral MDF flooring.

6. Church Redevelopment

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Living in a building that once served a different purpose is interesting, challenging, and rewarding at the same time. Some of the most interesting redevelopments are the repurposed churches.

For instance, a part of a repurposed church can become a splendid family room. A beamed ceiling and rustic furnishings throughout pair wonderfully with the design of the building.

To recall the primordial use, decorate the walls with Christian elements, even if you’re not a believer. Crosses and decorations that remind of the Trinity look amazing in this context.

7. Repurposed Conservatory

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An extension of your house that no longer serves its purpose can also become a cozy family room. Again, recall the primordial use of the environment through furnishings and color scheme.

Neutral tones are welcoming and add warmth to the environment. Rattan furniture reminds of the purpose of a conservatory, while the green cushions add brightness while complementing the other colors in the scheme.

And if you no longer want to keep the glass ceiling, replace it with shiplap.

8. Grey

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A family room idea for a small apartment. A cozy sofa and light tones of grey add ampleness to a small room and match perfectly with a modern style. Pair the grey with warmer tones of ivory, beige, and natural wood for a Scandinavian effect.

9. Modern Style

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Typically, a family room is all about seating. But when family means just you and perhaps your better half, a contemporary décor, a stylish chaise lounge and an eye-catchy decoration is all it takes to style your environment.

Regardless of the model you choose, make sure the chaise lounge is cozy enough to ensure the complete relaxation of your body and mind.

10. Traditional Family Room

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Family rooms are often associated with the traditional homes and rustic cottages. In fact, the modern suburb homes and city apartments have long lost this important environment. Yet, if you live in a traditional home, decorating a traditional family room is a must.

Fabric sofas and leather accent chairs, a splendid coffee table and traditional table lamps look amazing in this space.

Opt for a natural stone floor and a built-in showcase made of solid wood. Display the objects in an apparent randomness to give personality to your interior.

11. Coastal Inspiration

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You don’t have to live in a coastal home to have a coastal family room. Even if you live up in the mountains, the coastal colors can bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Play with blue and white. Stripes and canvas are important elements in such a décor. So is an all-white feature wall. Bring some color with brown leather chairs and complete the décor with a distressed coffee table and log side tables.

A built-in bookcase, a rustic fireplace, and traditional floor lamps incorporate foreign elements into this style, adding personality to your interior.

12. Undisputed Tradition

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What could look cleaner than a traditional family room composed of a few essential elements and nothing else? A bright window, two traditional table lamps, traditional furniture and neutral colors throughout. The lack of technology helps you take a trip back in time to enjoy full relax in the company of your loved ones.

13. Off-White

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Who said a single color is monotonous? If you want to prove them wrong, choose off-white. In all its shades.

Off-white walls paired with wooden furniture in the same color, off-white accents and decorations and lastly, off-white wall art with accents of beige can easily highlight the beauty of a décor.  

14. Coastal

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If the coastal style is not only inspiration but you actually live in a coastal home, or maybe on the shores of the ocean, a coastal family room is a must.

Choose neutral colors and natural materials. Coastal decorations are a must and everything in this room must have little to no connections with the latest technologies.

15. Industrial Family Room

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Industrial homes are my favorites. Usually used in industrial redevelopments, these environments are awkward yet attractive at the same time. Such as an open space family room.

This environment lacks the privacy offered by a traditional family room but enjoys all the benefits of an open plan space. It enjoys brightness and luminosity. Neutral colors, cozy sectionals, and a small fire pit in the middle of an accent table can certainly make this unusual family room stand out.

16. Scandinavian Décor

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The Scandinavian décor is renowned for its essentialism. But this doesn’t mean that Scandinavian homes lack a family room.

Emphasizing the importance of the family, a Scandinavian décor incorporates family rooms in almost all homes, even if this means compromising on the living rooms. A minimalist functionality, lots of seats and a natural wood accent table can easily make your Scandinavian family room stand out.

17. Open Plan Family Room

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Traditionally created to offer a quiet place to the family, family rooms are transforming with the times. Not all homes enjoy the traditional spaces, and if you really want a family room, you’ll sometimes have to settle for a shared environment.

Open plan family rooms are a reality of the modern times but at least you can decorate your environment in a traditional style.

18. Eclectic Style

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Neither modern nor traditional. An eclectic family room gathers elements from different cultures, blending them into a unique harmony.

If you’ve chosen the eclectic style for your open plan space, opt for neutral shades paired with bright accents. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors such as blue and red to draw attention and enhance the beauty of your space.

19. Stylish Family Room

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Another idea inspired by the traditional style. This stylish family room boasts an elegant furniture throughout; this style pairs wonderfully with the traditional architecture characterized by an impressive ampleness of the spaces.

20. Contemporary Minimalism

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Stylish and welcoming. Contemporary and cold. A contrasting family room ideal for the millennials. This family room boasts a contemporary minimalism that attracts.

No overuse of technology. Just seating options and natural light. Contemporary art and a careful selection of the materials.

The tufted leather sofas pair wonderfully with the elegant glass tables and with the rest of this contemporary décor.

21. Ample Seating

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A beautiful idea for a traditional family room is to ditch all devices and electronics, TV included. Replace it with a cozy fireplace and two traditional side cabinets. Ottomans add up to the seating options while an extra-large sofa and beautiful accent chairs complete the décor.

22. Tropical Family Room

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Tropical interiors tend to keep everything at a minimum, including the furniture in the family room. Keep things at a minimum and ditch the traditional sofa. Invest in stylish rattan furniture and pair it with an all-wood interior design.

A view of the ocean and direct access to the beach are lovely but not essential. The décor will still speak for itself regardless of where your family room is located.

23. Contemporary Family Room

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White and black. A perfect contrast to use in your contemporary family room. But is it enough? Probably. A white fireplace enhances the beauty of a black wall. Golden mirror frames paired with a slightly yellow wall and black and white furniture add versatility and contemporaneity to your space.

24. Electric Blue And White

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A lovely idea for a small and modern family room. Even if your environment is small, choose a bold color for the walls. Electric blue could be a perfect choice, but you could also opt for royal green or burgundy.

Pair the walls with a brilliant white sectional. Throw in some colorful pillows and silver wall art to add the final touches.

25. African Inspiration

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There is something magical about the tropical homes, and a tropical family room sounds more than inspiring.

But this time we got more specific. The African decors are characterized by natural materials and a light color palette. White is used in many stylish interiors, and so are houseplants. A few masks to remind of a living tradition and tropical houseplants give the final touches to an African-inspired environment to recreate in the suburbs or in the middle of the city.

26. Eclectic Family Room

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Another example of eclectic family room. A bold choice of colors and patterns and the influence of many cultures define this relaxed environment.

27. Inspiring Contemporaneity

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Blending the traditional style with the contemporaneity is easier than it seems. Pick traditional art and reinterpret it by adding modern elements. Pick a neutral color but blend it with traditional yet contemporary elements.

Neutral colors on the walls enhanced by modern materials and elements add originality to the design.

28. All Modern Family Room

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The beauty of a modern family room is the versatility to add all kinds of interior elements without worrying about running the style.

This is the case of this beautiful family room decorated in modern style. Black and white with a few yellow accents is a splendid choice of colors for your environment.

29. Retro Style Family Room

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Are you still thinking of the seventieth? Decorate your family room in retro style. Vintage elements and a vintage furniture, neutral home décor and vintage elements are all it takes to make your environment look flawless and inviting.

30. Grey And White

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Another splendid idea for a modern family room. Furnish the room with minimalist choices, such as a modern sectional in dark grey and bright white hues. An ottoman and maybe a matching accent chair, a modern coffee table and contrasting accessories define the style of this environment.

Bottom Line

We hope these 30 family room decorating ideas inspired you. Leave a comment below to tell us which environment you liked best and what other ideas you’d like to add to this list. We look forward to reading your comments.