Interior Paint Colors: Trends For Small Houses

Interior Paint Colors: Trends For Small Houses

Are you struggling with furnishing and decorating a small house? There are many tips and tricks to make your spaces look larger, and interior paint colors can certainly help.

In fact, colors provide a sort of magic solution that can visually increase your space, making any room feel more aerated. And the best thing is that painting the walls is easy. There is nothing complicated about implementing this solution, and you can easily freshen up or redecorate whenever you want.

But be aware! Choosing the color of the walls is almost never sufficient. In a small house, lighting is equally essential, and so is the color and material of the furniture. Accessories can also make or break a deal, so make sure you choose wisely when trying to visually enlarge a small room.

Yet, as long as you take into account all these things, you only need imagination and suggestions on how to make the right choices. So, let’s see what are the trendiest interior paint colors for small houses and how to use them on your walls. Before talking about colors, let’s take some time to understand how paint can give amplitude to the environment.

How To Visually Enlarge A Room Through Paint

When decorating or renovating a small room, the walls are the first to undergo a change. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to add freshness to an environment. Interior wall paint comes in a rainbow of colors, from traditional neutrals to dramatic nuances. And this redecoration choice is often the most inexpensive.

With minimal DIY skills, it’s easy to paint the walls by yourself, and this cuts off the costs of a professional.

But since the color of the walls becomes a fundamental trait in your home, it’s important to pay particular attention to what shades you choose if you live in a small house.

The best colors to use in a small environment are light and soft shades that give light and brightness to the room. Light neutral colors also highlight the furniture and enhance the natural light, adding depth to a restricted space.

From the classic white and beige to more contemporary choices such as dove grey or cream, there are endless combinations to consider. Playing with these neutral shades is easy, and they are also extremely easy to match with all types of furniture and accessories.

If you love brighter colors, the best ones to use in a small room are the lighter shades of green, blue, and yellow. Chartreuse is an amazing color that pairs well with orange or purple and that adds ampleness to a tiny space.

Shades of pink or light purple also look great in a small room, offering an airy, almost ethereal feeling that inspires freshness. Among the trendier contemporary choices are the bright shades of yellow, but also ivory, pinks, reds, and blues.

Another perfect solution to enlarge a small space is by creating an optical illusion. In a narrow but fairly long room, you can simply paint the farthest wall in a darker color than the rest of the room. Use a contrasting color on the other walls to enhance the idea of space.

Geometrical shapes can also add ampleness to an environment. For example, vertical strips stretch the walls of a room, making it look larger.

Contrary to the popular beliefs, dark colors can also be used with success in small houses. Navy walls highlighted by pure white furniture and accessories are elegant and don’t have a negative impact on the space perception in a small environment.

The golden rule when choosing interior paint colors for small houses is to associate light neutral colors or create contrasts between dark hues and contrasting shades.

8 Trendy Interior Paint Colors Ideas For Small Houses

The theory is bliss, but when it comes to actually choosing the colors, you might appreciate some inspiration. To highlight the beauty of our choices, the following examples talk about color choices in a small living room. Yet, the same colors work wonders in all spaces, from the entrance and hallway to the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, and even the bathroom.

1. Brilliant Beige

interior paint colors

With neutral colors, it’s impossible to go wrong. It doesn’t matter how small or big your room is. Beige, cream, and neutral tones add ampleness and brightness to a space. And brilliant beige is an even more inspired choice in a small house.

Glowing details in the paint give an outstanding, refined finish to the walls. Match the color of the wall with that of a rug, and opt for cream furniture made of natural fabrics and materials. Beige curtains and a few stylish accessories in matching hues talk about class and bring a touch of elegance to your neutral interior.

2. Sheen Brown

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Brilliant or glowing paints of all colors look amazing in small spaces. And darker colors can easily highlight the beauty of a room when combined with matching furniture and accessories.

In a small house decorated in a traditional-contemporary style, brown walls enhance the contemplative spirit of the homeowner. Soft brown is easy to match with an array of earthy tones and neutral shades. From dove grey to light browns, sand, beige, and creams, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from.

In a modern house, mix and match brown with turquoise. Don’t be afraid to use these shades in a small environment. These versatile choices are easy to pair with gold and yellow, two colors that add brightness and dimension to a tiny space.

3. Dove Grey

interior paint colors

I’ve mentioned dove grey a few times, but the example above highlights its versatility. This peculiar color somewhere between light brown, grey, and white looks amazing on walls and enhances the space in a small environment.

Although dove grey matches with many colors, if the room is really small, your best bet is to match it with pure white and hardwood floors. A dove grey sofa and white accent chairs create a unity between the elements.

Add color with pillows and eventually with a modern wall art, but keep all other accessories and accent furniture to a minimum.

4. Charcoal

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Remember when I said that dark colors look amazing in a small house? Well, darker than charcoal is only black, and even if both shades add character to a small house, charcoal is somehow softer and warmer. This color looks amazing in small houses of all kinds.

From industrial style interior to ultra-modern choices, charcoal pairs with a rainbow of colors. For color scheme consistency, I suggest pairing charcoal with light grey or silver.

Certainly, a dark feature wall is enough to add personality to your environment and opt for light shades for the other walls, furniture, and accessories. For instance, an ivory floor, white furniture, and bright orange accessories are perfect to make your small room look amazing.

5. Bright Yellow

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Yellow is one of the trendiest interior paint colors. Ideal to use in small spaces, yellow looks amazing in either modern or traditional context.

In the image above, bright yellow walls are matched with green curtains and a floral print sofa. Minimal accessories complement the restricted space, and all choices are perfect for a shabby chic context or to match with the traditional style of a countryside cottage.

But a contemporary apartment can also benefit from yellow. In this case, match yellow with grey and anthracite. Glass furniture and accessories can add class to your space.

6. Red And Mustard Yellow

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Two beautiful colors to consider for a small house. Reserve the darker shade, aka the red, for a feature wall. Paint all other walls in mustard yellow and pair everything with matching furniture.

This color scheme looks beautiful in a traditional style house. If you want to create a focal point on your feature wall, choose black. Enhance the beauty of your space with matching wall art; as for the flooring, hardwood is the way to go.

7. Bright Blue

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Blue is one of those timeless choices. Present in all interior color schemes of the last decades, blue inspires freshness. It is ideal to use in a coastal environment, but also looks great in a tiny house.

For example, when the house is so tiny that your living room merges with a small open-plan kitchen, you can use blue on a feature wall and match it with brilliant white.

A white and blue sofa adds unity, while the polished surfaces of the furniture and floor add ampleness to the space. Opt for a minimalistic style. Polycarbonate furniture matches with the glossy tiled floors, while everything in this environment adds dimension to the restricted space.

8. Petrol

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Petrol - the color, not the fuel - is another contemporary choice that works wonders in small spaces. A color half-way between blue and grey, petrol finds its place in all interior styles. From modern or industrial interiors to traditional designs, this hue pairs with a wide range of colors.

My favorite color scheme for a small house is petrol and white. In a traditional interior, petrol looks amazing on walls. Avoid overweighing by painting all trimming in white, and use the same color for the furniture and accessories.

If bright white is too strong for you, opt for a softer shade of ivory. Cream also matches well with petrol, and there are literally dozens of ways to use petrol and white interior paint colors in your small home.

Final Thoughts

With dozens of interior paint colors to choose from, finding the right one for your space is easy. But remember that whatever shade you put on the walls has to match with all the other elements that define the style and spirit of your house.