12 Contemporary Living Room Color Schemes

12 Contemporary Living Room Color Schemes

You don’t have to be an interior decorator to freshen up the aspect of your living space. There are dozens of contemporary living room color schemes to consider. To help you with your project, we’ve put together this list of 12 inspiring palettes. Check it out to find the right colors for your home.

1. Grey, Black, And White

living room color schemes

In a small home or in a coastal area, grey, black and white can be combined in thousand ways. To brighten up the room and add space to a tiny area, use white on walls and flooring, but also on furniture. A white sofa integrates beautifully in the design and pairs with a geometric rug decorated in shades of grey and white.

Add a contemporary black floor lamp and a grey accent chair to create a unity between elements. Avoid monotony with a beautiful wall art that boasts mild accents of color, such as yellow and blue.

If you have a generous space, play with colors and use dark silver on a feature wall, or create a focal point with chalkboard black. Regardless of your choice, this color scheme can be defined as a classic of the contemporaneity.

2. Grey, Blue, And Ivory

living room color schemes

In a coastal area, another great idea is to combine grey and blue but opt for ivory instead of white. Ivory gives more personality to a home and adds a pinch of coziness, while blue adds playful versatility to the context.

Again, if the space is small, opt for ivory as the main color and pair it with light grey accents. Natural wooden furniture blends well in the design and pairs perfectly with contemporary floor lamps in the same ivory as the walls.

As for the blue, use it on small accents, such as the sofa pillows. Alternatively, opt for an ivory-blue rug or a bright blue accent chair.

3. Chartreuse, Orange, And White

living room color schemes

If you have a daring personality, show off your boldness with an unexpected living room color scheme. Orange and chartreuse are two wonderful colors that work wonders when mixed and matched. Tone down their intensity with white accents to avoid an overwhelming effect.

A splendid idea is to use chartreuse on walls. This greenish color between lime and yellow has a fluorescent effect and pairs wonderfully with orange curtains and a pure white ceiling and window trims. Choose a dark orange rug and furniture in neutral colors.

Create a bond between the elements with brightly colored pillows in matching colors, such as yellow, orange, and emerald green.

4. Green, Brown, Yellow, And Grey

living room color schemes

Give a fresh accent to your contemporary living room by mixing and matching natural colors and patterns. Whether you live in a metropolitan area or in a tiny village, nature-inspired wallpaper with tropical leaves will certainly freshen up your environment.

Add color to your oasis of peace with a few yellow accents, but keep everything else neutral. Minimalistic wooden furniture, a couple of poufs made from natural fabrics and a bright green houseplant should do the trick.

5. Cream, Brown, And White

living room color schemes

Fond of the traditional-retro style with a pinch of rustic in it? Choose a neutral color scheme that works well with traditional furniture. Creams and browns, floral patterns and wooden furniture work well when mixed and matched.

If you have an open-plan kitchen, try to create a harmony between the elements by keeping the same color scheme in all spaces.

To avoid a crowded effect, keep all decorations to a minimum. A few inspiring table lamps, a lovely centerpiece on the coffee table and lots of cozy pillows are enough to create a contemporary-traditional living room.

6. Blue, Brown, And White

living room color schemes

Another inspiring idea for a coastal home, the blue, brown, and white combination looks good in all contexts.

For example, striped blue and white sofas match wonderfully with a distressed coffee table and repurposed side tables. A natural oak floor and brown accent chairs complete the design, while bright red decorations add versatility to the room.

We also like the idea of a built-in bookcase, while the colorful wall art creates a beautiful connection between the elements.

7. Black, White, And Red

living room color schemes

Over the years, we’ve decorated many interiors and have noticed that black is an extremely underrated color. That’s such a pity because black has some awesome potentialities. Unlike the common belief that a dark color can’t be used in a small environment, a dark color can actually enhance a small space if used wisely.

Certainly, don’t use black on the walls. Reserve it for leather furniture and pair it with pearl white walls. Glass accent and dining tables paired with white leather chairs add brightness to the space, while a white and black centerpiece with red accents enhance the beauty of your room.

Choose some contemporary wall art in matching color to complete the design.

8. Blue, Brown, And Mustard

living room color schemes

Blue and brown is a timeless combination, and in many contemporary living room color schemes, we see these two colors associated with mustard yellow. You can use these colors in any way, depending on the style you want to follow.

For example, a traditional environment benefits from brown flooring and a hardwood bookcase. Brown leather poufs complete the brown palettes, while a bright blue velvet sofa and mustard yellow armchairs add color to the environment.

This color combination also looks wonderful in a home inspired by the retro style of the sixties.

9. Hot Pink, Yellow, And Grey

living room color schemes

Contemporary living room color schemes are characterized by blunt neutral colors highlighted by bold accents. This is the case of this color palette inspired by the industrial-chic style. In this context, a dark grey feature wall with silver accents complements the light grey sofa and flooring.

Repurposed furniture and cozy poufs in a multitude of colors pair well with the bright yellow accent table. A hot pink accent chair and comfortable pillows in all the colors of the scheme add unity to the design, making your living room a fun and relaxing place where to entertain your friends or chill with your partner.

10. White, Blue And Yellow

living room color schemes

Like mentioned above, white should be the main tonality of a small living room. To add color without compromising brightness, opt for a light blue and bright yellow.

Geometric motifs and a few accents of darker colors, like black and dark grey, enhance the beauty of your space.

However, if space is not an issue, change the light blue with navy and use it on all walls. Paint the ceiling in white and opt for pure white furniture. A navy and white rug complements the design, while yellow pillows and decorations will certainly brighten up the environment.

11. Red, Grey, And Black

living room color schemes

Sometimes, just a few accents of black are sufficient to highlight the elegance of a space. In a small living room, you can achieve a contemporary design with simple furniture and a light color palette. Very light grey is the ideal main color.

Enhance the aspect of your space with bright red accents, while black accessories add balance to the space.

12. Blue, Yellow, And Red

living room color schemes

Another lovely idea is to mix and match blue, yellow and red. These colors work wonders together regardless of the tonality. For instance, blush blue pairs wonderfully with bright yellow and Bordeaux red. Use blush blue as the main color on walls and flooring for a spectacular effect.

But turquoise, bright red and mustard yellow look equally amazing. This color combination is ideal in an oriental-inspired living room or in a modern context if dark turquoise is used on all walls.

 Bright yellow also pairs well with navy and red, and this color palette is ideal for a coastal home. In the end, there are endless living room color schemes to think of and ultimately, the choice will always be dictated by your taste and imagination.

Our advice? Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. If you like an unusual color – be it purple, chartreuse, or chalkboard black – just have the guts to integrate it in a color scheme. In the end, living in a space decorated exactly as you wish will pay off.