2019’s Pantone Color Of The Year In Interior Design

2019's Pantone Color Of The Year In Interior Design

Are you looking for a quirky or daring touch in your interior design? Place your bet on Ultra Violet, 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year!

Pantone’s Ultra Violet 18-3838 is a “dramatically provocative and reflexive” purple derived from a blue. A complex and contemplative shade that recalls the eccentric and intricate depths of the Universe, a hue that is provocative and relaxing at the same time.

Described as a symbol of the profound mysteries that go beyond the world we know, and also an emblem of an unveiled future, ultra violet is associated with spiritual reflection and positive energy.

It takes guts to blend this shade in the interior design; but this color will certainly speak about your nonconformity, about your creativity and visionary thinking. A color that will communicate originality and artistic imagination.

Because ultra violet is a bold choice capable to adapt to the traditional environment and modern spaces, adding individualism and expression to any room.

Pantone Color Of The Year In The Living Room

ultra violet living room

Purple is not an easy color; seen as “extreme” by many, purple is one of those things that gives rise to discordant visions – you either love it or hate it! Yet, with its majestic opulence, violet is chic and elegant, revealing a great potential for the interior design.

The secret is knowing how to combine it with the other shades, that can either dampen its exhibitionist side or enhance its ability to add personality to a space.

If you love daring color combinations, we suggest pairing Pantone’s ultra violet with lime green or chartreuse, a shade halfway between green and yellow. Teal and bright red are two other colors that work wonders alongside purple.

Depending on your personality, you can either use ultra violet for a wall or reserve it for furniture and accessories.

For instance, you could paint one or two walls in chartreuse and combine it with a light-colored tiled floor, such as light grey or beige. Place a chartreuse rug in the middle of your living room and introduce ultra violet accent chairs and couches, or a sectional.

If you want to use ultra violet on walls, we suggest painting only one wall in this hue. Choose earthy tones, such as beige or cream, for the other walls and neutral shades for the furniture. An ultra violet accent table or armchair can complete the look of your space.

Pantone Color Of The Year In The Kitchen

ultra violet kitchen

From kitchen furniture to walls to accessories, ultra violet can easily find its place in the kitchen. If you’re bold enough, we suggest choosing purple kitchen furniture. A glossy finish pairs well with a daring, energetic personality, while a matte finish provides a softer and classier effect.

Alternatively, use purple on the walls. Instead of painting a dull wall in the same color, choose an elegant or quirky purple wallpaper. In the first case, purple with golden accents will give a stylish touch to your environment; in the latter, there are dozens of purple wallpapers with geometric details or optical illusions.

To reduce the intensity of this hue, pair it with shades of khaki or light chocolate. Kitchen furniture in shades of moss or greyish green can complement ultra violet with success, especially in a post-industrial style kitchen.

In this case, opt for minimal steam punk accessories and industrial furnishings.

If ultra violet is too daring on walls and purple kitchen cabinets are not quite a choice, introduce ultra violet accents through accessories.

A beautiful vertical garden made of purple powder coated steel pairs perfectly with the green of the herbs. Ultra violet crockery and cutlery look wonderful on a wooden or glass table. And you can even invest in ultra violet pots and cooking accessories.

Pantone Color Of The Year In The Bedroom

ultra violet bedroom

Despite being defined as “contemplative”, Pantone’s Ultra Violet is a vibrant, energetic color that doesn’t really finds its place in the bedroom. Yet, if you still want to introduce purple in this space, opt for a darker shade to use either on a wall or on the accessories.

For example, you could paint the wall behind your bed in purple and choose neutral shades for the rest of the room. An ultra violet lamp and matching curtains can complement the design of a classy bedroom, giving a stylish touch to the environment.

Purple bedding has a luxurious feeling, especially if you choose satin or muslin cotton. A purple rug can also add personality to the bedroom.

If you’re not quite sure about the choice, introduce ultra violet accents with flowers. A vase of purple-blue hydrangeas placed on the side cabinet or nightstand will certainly enhance the interior design – and you can easily replace them with something new.

Pantone Color Of The Year In The Bathroom

ultra violet bedroom

Thanks to its bluish-purple shade, Pantone’s Ultra Violet works wonders in the bathroom. For a stylish effect, we suggest matching ultra violet, cream, and teal tiles to create beautiful color games on the walls and floor.

Dark purple looks great in the shower area, while ultra violet bathroom sanitary ware stands out. We wouldn’t recommend combining ultra violet with chartreuse or bright red in this space though. Too many strong colors in a bathroom might become overwhelming.

If you like the shabby chic design, you could opt for a white bathroom with wood furnishings; lavender accents will enhance the outline of this space.

Pantone Color Of The Year In The Kid’s Room

ultra violet bedroom

Although inspired by the current social struggles, 2019’s Pantone color of the year is a vibrant and fresh color that pairs perfectly with the exuberant personality of the kids. As a result, ultra violet finds its place both in the nursery and in the kid’s room.

For the nursery, use ultra violet on one of the walls. A chevron pattern wallpaper with ultra violet and light gray stripes works well for both genders. A large ultra violet pouf placed next to a white crib could be another great way of introducing ultra violet in the room if you’re not keen on painting an entire wall.

In a kid’s rooms, there are dozens of ways of introducing ultra violet. Marine world fascinates the little ones, and you can pair ultra violet with other purple and blue shades to create an ocean-themed room. Jellyfish ceiling lamps and a friendly octopus painted on a wall can complement the décor.

As for the furniture, you can opt for soft shades of mauve and lilac for a girl’s room, or teal and blue for a boy.

Final Thoughts  

2019’s Pantone Color of the Year is not an easy color. Finding the perfect match and integrating it into the design takes guts and creativity. But this doesn’t mean you have to neglect it.

Ultra violet is a gorgeous shade that finds its place in all environments. Next to other intense, vibrant shades, it makes a statement of style and expresses an exuberant personality. Paired with neutral, earthy tones, ultra violet is elegant and sophisticated.

Regardless of how you use it, ultra violet is opulent and daring. Without a doubt, a color that will enhance the character of your home.