11 She Sheds Ideas For Your Backyard

she sheds

Interior designers define she sheds as the feminine versions of the men caves. These attractive spaces created exclusively for women are nothing but repurposed traditional garden sheds.

Sometimes, a she shed can even be arranged into a conservatory or greenhouse. Sturdy gazebos are a splendid alternative to the fixed structures.

But how to repurpose a space? How to create a stylish she shed for your backyard? Here are 11 amazing ideas to consider.

1. Contemporary She Shed

seasonal green place in home

She sheds are tool or garden sheds repurposed for private use. They are a feminine space where the lady of the house can retreat and spend some time relaxing or practicing her favorite hobby. That’s why design matters when organizing a she shed.

Contemporary design works wonders in such a space. Minimalism is key to contemporary interior decoration, so furniture must be kept to a minimum. A couple of cozy chairs and maybe a repurposed coffee table is all you need.

The décor can be inspired by the original use of the shed. But instead of storing tools, use the walls to grow a vertical garden.

Either it’s perennials or aromatic herbs, a few stylish pots hanged on the wall are enough to brighten up the environment.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Pans, pots, vases in the kitchen garden, barbecue area.

Cooking is a passion for many women. If you’re one of them but want to stay away from the oppressive kitchen for at least a few hours a day, arrange an outdoor kitchen in the shed.

Stay true to the original shed design and decorate the space with wooden furniture. Hardwood or painted natural wood are both great choices.

Also, make sure to choose the right paint for the furniture. A shade that matches that of the walls is ideal for this project.

3. Artist’s Studio

artist studio

Painting on canvas has many benefits but sometimes it’s impossible to find an adequate space in your home. And this is where she sheds come in handy.

If you don’t have a backyard shed, there are plenty of options on the market.

Invest in a unit that fits your space and install it next to the house, to provide easy access in case of rain. Create a custom artist’s studio inside this restricted space. Enhance the environment with some of your best canvases and add brightness with a neutral color palette.

4. Conservatory She Shed

conservatory tables chairs plants room in house next to garden

Despite the name, a she shed doesn’t have to be a shed at all. The shed may also refer to a structure that protects from rain or sun.

And in this case, building a she shed in a conservatory makes sense. In fact, ditch the garden shed and make the most out of your private conservatory.

This idea is particularly useful for those living in cold environments. In fact, conservatories can usually be accessed directly from your home and you won’t have to get out in the chilly weather to reach your private space.

When it comes to furnishings and decorations, rattan is a great choice. The bright and natural colors add warmth to the environment while maintaining the style minimalist.

5. Home Office

Interior of a home office of a pink desk and a turquoise chair

Finding the right space to work from home is near impossible. Kids, your partner, and even the pet are distractions that could cost you a lot.

Experts recommend home workers to find a tranquil and isolated space where to place their home office. And a she shed has both characteristics.

In terms of style, choose a lively but bright color for the walls. A desk in a contrasting color adds personality while a chair in the color of the wall adds unity. Which colors to choose? Try turquoise and bright red. Or ultraviolet and chartreuse.

6. Cozy Outdoor Area

Garden shed and sofa

Just like a home, the she shed can benefit from an outdoor area. Installing a patio may not make much sense, but arranging a cozy outdoor area in front of your she shed could be a great idea.

Rattan or faux rattan furniture is ideal for the purpose. If the furniture is modular, that’s even better. Decorative elements, such as wicker baskets instead of planters and garden boots left on the floor as décor enhance this outdoor space and add personality.

7. Themed She Shed

sea travel styled shabby chic interior corner

Not only the destination of the shed matters when choosing the décor. It also matters how you will perceive any decorative elements.

A way to perceive the décor as something that belongs to you is to use a theme you like and decorate the she shed accordingly.

For instance, marine themes are ideal in the backyard of a coastal home. Decorate the shed with repurposed or recycled furnishings. Keep decorations to a minimum and make sure they perfectly match with the theme.

8. Focal Point

white old interior

She sheds, like all other rooms, benefit from the use of accent furniture. These feature elements are ideal to create a focal point in your environment.

Because a shed is such a restricted space, merge functionality with beauty. A bench, for example, can bring both the wow-factor and practicality. Choose a bench in a color that contrasts with the color of the wall. Tone down the aggressiveness of the chosen color with flowers and vases colored in neutral shades.

9. Shabby Chic She Shed

Easter decorations in the room in pastel colors, flowers, eggs, rabbits

She sheds go hand in hand with the shabby chic style. You can use this style either to create an oasis of peace or a multi-purpose space perfect for work and relax.

Neutral and pastel colors, vintage decorations and lots of flowers can easily enhance the beauty of your private space.

10. Indoor Garden

plants in the pots

Do you love aromatic herbs but have no place where to grow them? Use the space on a terrace to install a small she shed. Use the shed to grow herbs in pots – and then you can use your crops for cooking.

For a stylish effect, use pots of different sizes but made of the same material to capture the attention without compromising the design.

11. Cozy Relaxing Space

chair in wooden evening terrace

Ultimately, the whole purpose of having a she shed is to find a remote space where to relax during the day. In this place, you’ll find your own retreat at any time. Furnish the she shed with a cozy rocking chair and a few blankets.

Birdhouses and bright colors are also ideal if you want to create a whimsical atmosphere into your new environment.