Stylish Shiplap Interior Decoration Ideas & Tips

Stylish Shiplap Interior Decoration Ideas & Tips

Sleek and stylish, the shiplap boards traditionally used for cladding the exterior of a home now find their place in the interior too. From the living areas to the bathroom, hallways, and decorations, shiplap can seamlessly add a fresh air to your environments.

Here are 13 original ideas to use this versatile material in your interior.

1. Shiplap Headboard

shiplap headboard

Reminding of the coastal homes or rustic cottages, shiplap can easily transform your bedroom into a true oasis of peace. There are many ways to use these boards in this space but an original idea is to use it on the wall behind the bed.

A shiplap wall can double as a stylish headboard and looks amazing in a coastal décor. As for the color, there are many shades to consider.

You can either opt for the classic white or off-white. A dramatic shade, either bright or dark, contrasts beautifully with bright white walls. If you have wooden floors, opt for a distressed look of the shiplap wall, choosing colors that match the rest of the interior.

For example, distressed brown and blue match with all the other shades in the bedroom pictured above.

This idea also works wonders in a shabby chic interior. In this case, choose soft shades of blue, pear green, yellow, or pink and pair them with white.

2. Shiplap Wall Décor

scandinavian or american style room interior with wooden frame and handmade small houses

A whole planked wall seems like too much? Use the material to make decorations for your walls and showcases. Get inspired by the picture above and use shiplap boards to create a stylish photo frame. From the same material, you can also make a lovely decorative object, such as a Scandinavian village.

Both the frame and the decoration look amazing in a Scandinavian home, but also in a rustic cottage or in a traditional living room.

3. Shiplap Ceiling

3D render of interior design of a bedroom in the house from a log

A lovely idea for your countryside home is to install a shiplap ceiling. Replacing the traditional dropped ceiling, the wooden boards add personality and warmth to the interior.

There are many ideas to consider. A simple ceiling made of planks alone gives a refreshing look to the environment. Wooden ceiling decorations applied over the shiplap add an elegant touch and transform the interior from casual to elegant.

For a stylish yet rustic effect, install shiplap on the walls too, or at least on some of them. As for the color, opt for a neutral shade but steer away from the classic white.

4. Shiplap Art

living room of a penthouse placed in loft. 3d rendering

Do you love both planks and art? Then ditch the traditional canvases and replace them with paintings made on shiplap.

This is an amazing way to repurpose leftover boards; this kind of art looks amazing in an industrial home but also in a contemporary interior. As for the actual art, you can choose anything you like, from colorful landscapes to monochrome portraits.

5. Background Wall

Workplace with Scandinavian interior design. Retro design concept

Working from home is the dream of many but creating the right home office can make a difference between a scarce performance and productivity.

In fact, the environment where you work has to be inspiring, attractive, and original. The Scandinavian interior design can easily give a new lease of life to your home office, with a few minimalist decorations and a wooden background wall.

To stay true to the Scandinavian style, paint the walls in white or off-white and choose decorations made of natural materials.

A natural wood desk completes the interior. To boost your productivity, avoid overloading your desk with decorations. A small houseplant and a few essential elements are more than enough.

6. Open Kitchen Wall

modern living room interior design. 3D rendering concept

Shiplap also looks amazing on the kitchen walls. You can use it instead of wallpaper in all kitchens, regardless of the style of your home. But in my opinion, this solution gives its best in a modern environment.

An open kitchen still separated from the living room by just two walls looks brighter when decorated with white planks.

Modern furnishings in a matching color, a bright blue ceiling lamp, and decorations in the same hue give luminosity and warmth to the space. At the same time, the color scheme of the kitchen contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow walls of the living area.

7. Feature Wall

3d render of scandinavian flat - livingroom - holiday flat

Another idea of wooden walls ideal to use in a coastal home. Add originality to your environment with a shiplap accent wall in the living room. The texture of the wood pairs amazingly with the smooth surface of the other walls.

White oak flooring and furniture, an original storage area above the ceiling and a coastal décor throughout will make your interior stand out.

To create a unity between the environments, don’t hesitate to install shiplap on the staircase walls too. Paint the wooden walls with gloss paint and the other walls with a silk or satin finish product.

8. A Mix of Styles

Modern wooden cottage house interior with living room close up. Gorgeous fireplace with natural stone tile trim and large glass wall. Northwest, USA

Do you live in a rustic home decorated with traditional elements? Shiplap is your best bet. There are many ways to install it on your walls, but a mix of colors and installation techniques give originality.

Install the boards both vertically and horizontally, mixing and matching their disposition to achieve the desired effect. Stain a part of the boards with clear wood varnish, to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Paint the other boards with white paint to create a focal point. Match the color of the floors and of the furniture with the white shiplap; cream and beige are perfect hues.

A few stone elements and solid wooden beams painted in a dark color complete the décor and add the final touches to your interior.

9. Shiplap & Bricks

Decor design with pallets bed, plant in vase, retro camera and guitar

Another splendid idea, this time to use in a modern reconversion of an industrial building. Brick walls are often the highlight of an industrial reconversion. More often than not, homeowners leave these walls bear, but white paint can freshen them up.

Pair a bear shiplap wall with the brick wall for an original effect. Alternatively, stain the boards with a wood varnish in the color of your choice.

To complete the décor, use planks to make a windowsill and cover for the radiator. Paint it in white to recall the color of the brick wall.

10. Shiplap Floors

modern apartment with  classic  swedish stove. 3d concept rendering

Who said that shiplap can decorate only the walls or ceilings? If you don’t want to alter the aspect of the walls but still want these versatile boards in your home, install shiplap flooring.

Similar to parquet but way fancier, shiplap gives a stylish look that doesn’t require a too sophisticated furniture.

This solution is ideal for a contemporary apartment. For a flawless look, paint the walls and floor in white, decorate the environment with white furniture and decorations, and only add a few contrasting elements for a touch of style.

11. Wallpaper & Shiplap

Shiplap wall

A traditional home can also enjoy the beauty of shiplap. This versatile material pairs well with the traditional wallpaper and a wooden floor.

However, I wouldn’t recommend installing the wooden planks on an entire wall. Instead, install them horizontally on the bottom half of the dining room walls. Install a traditional, elegant wallpaper on the upper half of the walls and stain the wood in a nuance that matches with the wallpaper.

Try to stick to a unique color scheme by matching the color of the wallpaper with that of the dining table and chairs. If possible, buy curtains in the same hue as the wallpaper and match the color of the shiplap with that of the ceiling and flooring.

If the dining area and the kitchen are in the same environment, you can use wooden planks to cover the kitchen walls from top to bottom, using this material to replace the traditional tiles.

12. Shiplap Cottage Style

shiplap attic

Shiplap, shabby chic and modern style – three elements that define the originality of this interior. Wood is an amazingly versatile material that works wonders in an attic. Paint it in gloss white to give a refined touch while highlighting the texture of the wood.

A shabby chic vanity used as a desk, traditional wood racks mounted on the walls, and a modern leather sofa complement each other, adding personality.

13. Shiplap Side Cabinet

modern living room  with blue armchair and lamp. scandinavian interior design furniture. 3d render illustration

Alright, this isn’t exactly a cabinet but it’s an amazing way to replace it. This modern solution promotes the use of recycled materials, such as leftover shiplap. The floor made of the same material enhances the beauty of the decorative element but also its functionality.

A distressed look is ideal for your contemporary living room, but a solid color is also an option as long as you keep it on the neutral side of the spectrum.

Match the color of the shiplap with the rest of the environment. Darker walls look great with lighter shiplap and vice versa.

Furniture made of recycled materials and Scandinavian decorations complete the décor and enhance the beauty of the shiplap.

Expert Decorating Tips

Finding inspiration in the ideas above is easy. Yet sometimes, deciding to use shiplap in your home is harder than it seems. But what do experts think? Here are a few tips interior designers and decorators follow when working with shiplap.

1. Use Uniform Boards For A Contemporary Look

Shiplap is so versatile that it’s easy to integrate into any interior style. Yet, the width of the boards and the spacing matters. If what you aim for is a contemporary look, choose wide but uniform boards and space them evenly.

Playing with spacing and widths will result into a more rustic, cottage aspect that could look awkward into a modern downtown flat.

2. Mix Vertical And Horizontal Boards

If there is little to do regarding the width and spacing of the boards, a contemporary look benefits from a mix of vertical and horizontal installation.

Shiplap is usually installed horizontally, as this pattern makes an environment look larger. But if your room is tall, a mix of vertical and horizontal boards can tone down the height of the room.

Wondering how to mix the lines? Check out the ideas above to find some inspiration.

3. Mix The Width Of The Boards For A Relaxed Look

Contemporary is not always the best. In a countryside cottage or shabby chic suburb home, playing with the width of the boards can bring a breath of fresh air.

Mix thinner with wider boards and paint them in a neutral shade to highlight the beauty of your interior. If you want to avoid a too rustic effect, maintain an even spacing between the boards.

4. Always Paint Shiplap

Bare shiplap is unflattering. If you want to have bare wood on your walls, opt for logs instead.

In the case of shiplap, you can maintain a more natural look by staining the boards with transparent varnish. Alternatively, paint the shiplap in the same color as the walls to create a textured unity in your room.

Interior decorators suggest painting shiplap with gloss finish paint even if the rest of the walls have a flat finish.

5. Don’t Exaggerate

Once you understand the versatility of shiplap, it can get tempting to coat all walls with the wooden boards. But unless you want to achieve a rustic look, maybe it would be better to stick to just a feature wall.

Alternatively, install shiplap ceiling or flooring. On the other hand, decorative elements made of shiplap could be ideal if you’re not yet convinced of installing it on the walls.