Quick And Easy Weekly Cleaning Schedule For Busy Homeowners

Quick And Easy Weekly Cleaning Schedule For Busy Homeowners

Cleaning the house is often a source of stress for everyone, especially for the busy professionals. Yet, a quick and easy weekly cleaning schedule can help you keep messes at bay and your home clean.

As professionals, we often find it hard to squeeze in some extra-time for house cleaning chores in our busy schedules. It is even more difficult to devote time to cleaning the house on the weekends. These short days serve us to regenerate our bodies and minds.

But let’s face it, we all love to live in a clean and tidy house. And a weekly cleaning schedule can remember us our duties despite the commitments.

Dealing with the house cleaning without stress and without unnecessary waste of energy requires a thorough and in-depth organization.

We’re not expert cleaners, but we’ve found that half an hour a day is enough to keep our environments clean without too much effort. And we really hope that our method can also help you keep things under control, avoiding the accumulation and the postponing of the things to do.

For practicality, we subdivided our weekly schedule into environments rather than days. So, let’s start from the bottom to the top.


To keep the floor clean, it is essential to sweep it as soon as there is dust or debris accumulated on the surface. For example, it is ideal to sweep the kitchen or dining room floor immediately after eating, to remove any crumbs or food bits.

It is sufficient to vacuum the pavements only twice a week and if there is little traffic in your home, mopping once a week, on Friday, may suffice.

When mopping the floor, use either a specific cleanser or mix the water with vinegar or bicarbonate to eliminate bacteria, stains, and unpleasant odors.

It is also essential to teach good habits to all family members, to ensure that the floor stays clean for longer. For instance, take off your shoes and put on slippers before entering the living areas of your home. Also, teach your kids to sweep the floors in their rooms.


The bathroom is one of the most demanding environments in a house. It needs constant cleaning, especially if you have children.

But even if you live alone, it is never pleasant to deal with a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, because the workload can easily overwhelm.

Again, good planning will save you a lot of time and effort, and will also help you keep the environment clean for longer.

Your weekly cleaning schedule should include a thorough cleaning of the sink and sanitary ware on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Use a sanitizing and antibacterial cleanser, spray it on all objects, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then wash the surfaces with clean water.

It is also essential to disinfect the toilet bowl every day to prevent the formation of stains. Also, wash and disinfect the towels and bathrobes once a week.


The kitchen is another environment that has to be kept clean and tidy. This is even more important if you have an open plan kitchen. But regardless of your home design, it is essential to maintain a high level of hygiene in the environment where you are cooking.

As far as the kitchen is concerned, your weekly cleaning schedule should include doing dishes every day, even if you don’t have a dishwasher. Just wash your plates and kitchenware as soon as they get dirty. Leaving them in the sink leads to an accumulation of bacteria which can generate bad smells.

Not only this but having to deal with a load of dishes after a full day of work isn’t the most exciting thing in the world.

Clean the hob and worktop immediately after preparing the meals to save time. Time saving-wise, set up the table for dinner before going to work, as it’s less stressful to deal with the meal preparation after you get back home.

Once a week, clean the pipes with a disinfectant by simply pouring the product into the sink. Also, check the cabinets and wipe the dust off your china at least once a week.


Your weekly cleaning schedule should include a thorough cleaning of the bedrooms at least once a week. Vacuum the floors and wipe the dust off the furniture on Tuesday and Thursday. Clean the windowsills on Friday and get the wardrobe in order on Monday.

It is also essential to change the bedding at least once a week, to prevent the growth of bacteria and the development of allergens.

To keep a tidier look throughout the week, we also recommend making the bed each morning. This isn’t essential but it makes you feel better to come home to a tidy bed.

Living Room

The living room is one of the less demanding environments. As long as you avoid wearing shoes inside the home, an occasional vacuuming of the floors and dusting off the surfaces once a week may suffice.

A special consideration with regard to upholstery – sofas and armchairs are also part of your living room and they should be included in your weekly cleaning schedule. It is easier to vacuum these surfaces instead of dusting them.

Laundry Room

The last environment on our weekly cleaning schedule is the laundry room. Weekly chores include more than cleaning the environment, they also include doing the laundry.

As far as the room cleaning is concerned, mop the floors, wipe clean the washing machine and any other appliances in the room, and put everything in order in the detergent cabinet.

As for the laundry, make sure you don’t accumulate too many clothes to wash at the end of the week. Because you’ll have to wash the towels and the bedding each week, plan the towels on Monday and the bedding on Wednesday, for example. Reserve the Saturday to wash your clothes.

When planning the laundry, pay attention to colors and materials. Also, know that you’ll have to wash your gym equipment separately from the other clothes due to the different treatment required by the fabrics.

For practicality, plan your weekdays washing cycles during the night or whilst you’re at work. In this way, you’ll be able to tumble dry your garments either early in the morning or as soon as you’ll get home.

It is also essential to schedule an ironing session once a week, for all those garments that require this treatment.

Bottom Line

Keeping your house clean doesn’t have to be a nightmare. This weekly cleaning schedule should help you keep messes at bay. Among the good rules which weren’t mentioned above, don’t forget to keep all environments ventilated to prevent the formation of mold or mildew.

To conclude, remember that the organization of your domestic activities will greatly facilitate the management of your domestic chores. And in this way, you’ll get to keep all the weekend for yourself, making the most out of your free days.