5 Reasons To Consider White Oak Flooring

5 Reasons To Consider White Oak Flooring

Flooring is key to transforming a house into a home. Helping to put your own stamp on the place, white oak flooring is a stylish and functional option to consider.

The main advantage of white oak flooring is that it never loses its charm. This timeless flooring matches traditional and modern interiors, it blends into a contemporary context and finds its place into a lavish classical design.

Adored by homeowners across the globe, white oak flooring withstands high levels of footfall and pairs well with under-floor heating systems. Resistant and durable, this choice will certainly add that fashionable flair to your home.

Not quite sure why to consider it? Have a closer look at five of the top reasons to treat your home with solid white oak.

1. Low Maintenance

Maintenance often falls on a secondary place when choosing the floor material. Yet, choosing a floor with low maintenance and easy to clean may pay off in the long run.

You may not have kids or pets right now, but if you’ll ever have, trust us, it’s a pain to clean carpet flooring. White oak instead is easy to vacuum and, when treated properly, it’s hard to stain. This makes it easy to remove accidental spills, even when it’s a glass of red wine.

By simply sweeping a damp mop over the floor, cleanup is a breeze. In addition, white oak flooring is also long-lasting.

Despite being wood, solid oak is hard to damage and resists intense use. This makes it ideal for all environments, from hallways and stairways to the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and even for the bathroom.

The only maintenance oak flooring needs is a treatment with wax or another water-repellent sealer. But the best thing is that oak will never fade or wear out like laminate, tiles, and carpets. While most floorings have to be replaced after six to ten years, your white oak flooring can stay with you forever.

2. Colors And Styles

Just because it’s called white oak it doesn’t mean it comes in light beige only. White oak flooring comes in an array of colors and styles that are easy to match with all environments.

The first thing to know is that hardwood flooring comes either as solid or engineered wood and is available in different finishes and colors. This adds up to oak flooring’s versatility, making it match with any style.

Polished floors in a light natural white oak shade work wonders in modern homes. More dramatic options, such as a rich and intense dark brown is achieved with wood varnishes and enhances the look of a traditional or contemporary home.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Yes, we’re aware of deforestation and global warming. But white oak floors are not detrimental to the environment. Actually, the opposite is true.

Most oak floors are made from wood coming from sustainable sources and a good portion of the retail money goes back to the wood industry. This supports the perpetuation of sustainable forests in countries like the USA and New Zealand, but also elsewhere around the globe.

This makes hardwood flooring a safe choice from an environmental point of view, and your purchase could even contribute to the growth and proliferation of forests.

4. Practical Investment

Remember when we talked about the home value estimate and how to buy a home that’s worth it? Well, hardwood flooring is one of those fittings and fixtures that raise the curb appeal of a property – regardless of the preference and tastes of the future owners of a home.

Yes, white oak flooring is expensive. But the payoff is high. Thanks to the durability, low maintenance, and resistance, this type of flooring is seen as an interesting perk by future owners or tenants.

Also, because hardwood flooring is complementary to a wealth of styles and decorations, new owners will only have to move their furniture and match it with the existing flooring.

5. Hypoallergenic

If you or any of your frequent guests suffer from allergies, hardwood flooring if a great hypoallergenic option. Recommended by doctors to asthma and allergy patients, oak flooring doesn’t trap dust and is very easy to clean with a damp mop.

Because it’s so easy to clean, this type of flooring also contributes to keeping the air cleaner. Pets can also benefit from living in a home with hardwood flooring. Because there are no carpets, parasites have nowhere to hide and lay eggs, which means a healthier life for your furry friends too.

Bottom Line

White oak flooring brings a lot of benefits and almost no disadvantages. As long as you seal the surface regularly, this type of flooring is virtually eternal, it will look great forever, and it comes in styles and colors that are easy to match with any interior.

If you want to invest in ageless flooring that will grow old with your house, raising the curb appeal of the property and boost its value forever, then white oak could be your best bet! All you have to do is give it a chance.